Our skills

Our skills

Like a true orchestra conductor, the Hotels en Ville team plays a key role in shedding light on the best of every aspect of the hotel profession to make your projects successful.

  • Feasibility study
  • Budget estimation for building works and FF&E / Follow-up list of commitments
  • Consultations with city administrations, ABF (architectural review board) and surveyors / Obtention of administrative authorizations
  • Project coordination
  • Programming, follow-up and management
  • Organization of places and study of projected plans
  • Selection of trade groups
  • Management of tender offers
  • Sourcing of materials in collaboration with the general contractor and interior designers
  • Site planning in collaboration with the general contractor
  • Development of the concept and trend book with interior designers
  • Security commission
  • Audit of projects
  • Risk evaluation
  • Strategic and technical advice
  • Construction of a business plan


  • Recruiting and organizing staff training
  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers and partners
  • Analyzing cash-flow and management ratios
  • Financial and accounting management
  • Administrative and social follow-up
  • Follow-up of security procedures
  • Set-up and follow-up of classifications
  • Managing the pre-opening period


  • Management of partnerships
  • Set-up and follow-up of budgets
  • Monthly and annual reports
  • Setting up development strategies
  • Development of a business action plan
  • Development and set-up of a pricing strategy
  • Management of Channel Manager software and distributors
  • Creation of adapted offers and packages based on seasonality
  • Competitive benchmarking


  • Follow-up of project to create and manage the website
  • Communication via client data bases (marketing campaigns)
  • Organization and coordination of photo shoots
  • Management of social networks
  • Management of image and e-reputation
  • Development of digital marketing strategies (SEO, SEA …)
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